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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Review

Oh what a great year! I can't believe how much stuff we packed in & how different our life is this December than it was last December. I'm a big fan of summaries & I love to reminisce, thus the blog! So, here's my 2008 year in review.

I ran and finished the Houston Marathon in mid-January.
Visited Denver & kicked off our tour of the cities wine bars.
After some poor planning, I also started studying for my engineering license exam.


Probably my favorite month of last year because we were officially on vacation for more than half of it in Brazil & Argentina! I spent at least a month blogging all the fantastic picture from Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Parati & Rio de Janerio.

Shortly after returning from our trip, Zoe had to have surgery to remove some mast cell tumors & she's been having skin problems ever since. It appears she has developed some type of food allergy.


March was serious crunch time for studying, but we did mange to get to the famous Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo where we saw Rascal Flatts. I met my blogging friend Amanda from New York, giving her a horrible Houston tour, but still hitting the wine bar & some great Mexican food.


We started our garden in earnest in our bathroom in early April, much did we have to learn our first growing season. Even though we lost most of it during Hurricane Ike, we were still picking some tomatoes in December.
After a nerve wracking PE Exam , H & I flew up to Detroit so I could present a paper I co-authored. We had lots of fun at Motown, the Henry Ford Museum, checking out the abandoned buildings & the baseball park.

We celebrated my birthday & H's birthday with a joint crawfish boil.


We took a road trip to New Orleans for the Jazz Fest as one of the things on our 101 List.

For Memorial Day, we visited my best friend Stephanie outside of Tampa. We caught a Tampa Bay baseball game, hang out on Siesta Key beach, had a mini-pub crawl, visited downtown Sarasota, visited MOAT, and .

We also met our new Vizsla friend Ruby, and had a play date at the park.


We celebrated Father's Day & Gram's birthday.
We visited the University of Houston campus, H's alma mater, before watching an exciting Dynamo game.


We visited some friends in Austin for the 4th.

Remodeled my office from pink to turquoise with new floors & furniture.
We took our long anticipated trip to a local vineyard, Messina Hof, where we harvested and stomped some grapes. We visited the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & I also spent an evening at the Museum with gorgeous rocks and incredible jewelry.

I received my SCUBA certification to do some diving, and have been waiting ever since to go somewhere worth diving!
For Labor Day weekend, I met my best friend Stephanie in Colorado Springs to drink wine, ride trains, hike insane trails, and worship in the Garden of the Gods.


Due to Hurricane Ike, I missed my photography workshop in Banff.
H & my step-dad did mange to visit New York & Boston to watch some baseball.
My sister Haley celebrated her 13th Birthday with friends and family.


I had some fun travel for work, including downtown Denver & the capitol and Joshua Tree National Park.

We added to our small art collection at the Bayou City Art Festival.


We partied on election night as Obama became the President-elect.

I did some more mile-high photography on the way to LA and Boston.
I convinced H that it would be good marathon training to run a 15 mile trail run, and I was wrong. His knee still hurts, so I'll be running the Houston marathon solo again in January.
I planned a super-fun trip to San Francisco that just wasn't to be.
We had an awesome Thanksgiving Feast with our friends & family.
We took the boys out for a day on the farm, including slides & rides.
We bought a new car for H!

We cut down our first Christmas Tree & watched my brother wrestle on the varsity team.
Round 1 (with family), Round 2, Round 3 & Round 4 of Christmas! Plus we had a blowout party downtown to ring in the New Year.
I really do think that 2008 might go down as the best year of my life so far! We've had so many blessings & opportunities this past year that I can barely believe how much fun we've had together.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're starting work on our sprinkler system today.

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Christy said...

What a great year! I hope 2009 is just as great if not better. :)