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Monday, July 14, 2008

University of Houston Campus

Saturday, before the Dynamo game, we decided to arrive a little early to Robertson Stadium to check out the campus at the University of Houston. Although I was there in April to visit my friend Amanda, this time I had my own personal tour guide and former student.

It was such a beautiful evening- the sun was just setting and it was finally starting to cool off a bit. H showed me around the beautiful, tree-covered campus where he spent about 8 years getting his degree.

He was one of those people that actually had a full-time job and attended school at night in order to get his degree. I don't think I would have done nearly as well in school if I had been forced to work full time and study every evening.

Most of the buildings were designated along the lines of "that's where I failed algebra" or "that's where I took my world geography class" or "that's where I miraculously passed my geology final" instead of their proper building names. I think I enjoyed the tour more that way. ;)

It was great strolling down memory lane with H, listening to his stories of struggling through college. College was a big thing for both of us, since neither of our parents had graduated college. However, he was one of the few in his family to even graduate high-school, and he was the only one to graduate college.

The U of H campus is really quite beautiful, especially for being just minutes from downtown Houston. There are many new, modern buildings being built to keep up with the rapid growth. Many of the beautiful trees and green areas have been preserved to help the campus retain it's beauty and charm.

As we walked campus, we were never too far from the stadium and could always hear the sounds of the bands kicking it into gear for the big soccer game.

I was also quite impressed by the amount of sculpture art spread throughout the campus. I think it's a great way to display impressive works and also improve the grounds.

Finally, this was the library and quad area, which was beautiful in the evening sun. U of H doesn't really get much good publicity, so I was quite surprised and very impressed after my first real trip to the school and tour of the campus. Now- off to the big soccer match!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Had an awesome weekend hanging out with H and a busy week coming up!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

That's a very pretty campus. Sounds like you had a great tour guide. :-)

Amanda said...

I thought the campus was beautiful too! I couldn't believe how big and how well maintained it is.