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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Zoe 2

A few more of Zoe to fill in while I get through my hundreds of photos from DC. Yes, my new couch/chaise lounge is Zoe's newest dog bed. She sleeps on it all day & is supposed to stay on the pink blanket and off my white pillows.

Sometime's H joins her & they snuggle while we're discussing things or planning our week out. Then she rolls onto her back and wants some belly rubs.

Zoe wasn't too sure about all the drama in the backyard when we installed the sprinkler.

She was checking out all the holes & investigating all the new smells.

She has always been one to play in the dirt, especially if we are working in the yard- she loves to make a mess!

And sorry for the blur, but I only had my 50mm on my camera & this is a zoom/crop, but I laughed at her licking her chops about something good in the dirt.

One more video from the same night as the last one. I swear we make our bed everyday, but H & Zoe mess it up when they do their welcome home ritual. And that's a doggie Dremel on the dresser- I"m slowly working with Zoe to get her accustomed to it & will hopefully be able to trim her nails.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I so needed this relaxing Saturday- massage, exercise, movies, shopping, cooking & wine!

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