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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Henry Ford

Sunday morning in Detroit, we decided to hit up *THE* Henry Ford. It's actually a museum with a lots of bonus goodies- like an IMAX, a real live factory tour and Greenfield Village. The above photo is most notable for the SNOWFLAKES falling and the high winds to which my husband experienced immediate shock.

The museum part is pretty cool, and old Henry Ford was quite the collector of everything historical and significant. This clock tower is supposedly a replica of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

It wasn't JUST about cars, but all type of vehicle imaginable- bicycles and buggies, trains and airplanes, tractors and trucks, and everything else every invented. They did have some super-fun old cars and some really neat historical things. Of course, this Mustang was one of H's favorites.

They also had the actual car that JFK was riding in when he was killed. Kinda creepy, but I'm accustomed to it with my job. They had a car representing every single presidential vehicle back to the early 1900's.

Another neat part of the museum was how the automobile changed American life- from gas stations to drive-in movies and drive-thru food. All the recreational uses and military need for automobiles, along with the fun and sillier side of cars too.

They had some HUGE incredibly impressive trains actually inside the museum! We were blown away by their sheer size and enormity. This unusual fellow is from the Canadian Railroad and it's officially the biggest snow-shovel I've ever seen.

There was a special exhibit on the early decades of flight- including lots of history and replicas of early airplanes and pilot daredevils.

I was impressed with how kid-friendly the museum was with numerous exhibits and activity stations setup for the kids to get involved and hands-on the history.

Who knew Ford made airplanes? (*insert your own corny Ford joke here).

The museum had special exhibits on the Decades of American culture and some fascinating old machinery. After the big test though, it all gave me frightful flashbacks to steam engines and pressure vessels and pumping power.

About 4 hours in a museum was all we could handle, but we did drop by Ford World Headquarters for a peek. I was amazed that we could get this close on a public road, but I waved at the company and thanked them for all their business.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I've officially got watermelon, cantaloupe, onion, squash, cucumber and peppers into the ground in our new garden outside.

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Rocket said...

The Henry Ford is a classic tour at any age.