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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Preview

It's is going to be ANOTHER exciting year filled with awesomeness! I don't think I've ever looked this foward to a New Year. H & I both have some great things going on at work. We're finishing up some projects around the house & both determined to do more volunteer work this year. We're starting our 3rd year of marriage in February & we'll hopefully be finishing off all the little things on our 101 Things in 1001 Days list.
After doing a 2008 Review, a 2009 Preview of things to come.


My 7th Houston Marathon & then we head to DC for the Obama inauguration that night!


We're headed on our first dive trip to Cozumel for our 2nd anniversary over Valentines' weekend. We're staying at this great hotel with small little bungalows, surrounded by forrests, with lots of wildlife, near the dive sites and on a gorgeous beach. I've never been to the Yucatan before, but this will be H's 8th trip to Cancun/Cozumel.


Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando with a friend of mine.


Our birthdays!
Headed to Jazz Fest in New Orleans again to see Dave Matthews...I'm so excited about this!



I'd really like to do another Mission trip to Mexico with our church next summer sometime.


Hopefully we'll get out to California to visit some friends & catch some baseball for Labor Day.

I've been wanting to make it to the Austin City Limits Music Festival for years- maybe 2009 will be the year that it actually happens.


We're planning/aiming/hoping to sneak away for Thanksgiving or New Years for a little weekend trip. It's such a long way away, but we might do a long weekend with our family. Perhaps in Mexico or the Florida Keys.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: What a great year we're so blessed to be having!


Christy said...

Wow, what an exciting year to come!

AlleighGrrrl said...

Wow...Amanda! What an exciting year you two have planned. Plus, a special "YAY" for your coming to DC :-)