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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree!

For the last few Christmases, I'd balked at getting a real tree. We'd had both growing up, but the practical side of me always appreciates how easy a fake Christmas tree is decorate each year. However, cutting down a real Christmas tree was on our 101 List, so it looks like this was our last year to do it.

There is a nice little tree farm about 20 minutes from our house. Once we were there, H told me he'd never been to a tree farm before & was amazed at all the Christmas trees growing in the fields. We'll have to come back for this little fellow in about a decade.

He was excited to be an outdoors man & pumped that he had he own saw.

After much aimless wondering around the property, we settled on a tree that looked as nice as any of them.
The cutting really was a snap- H was done in about 60 seconds.


Then we haul it out to the little road...

...and wait for the nice man on tractor with the wagon to come along.

H throws the tree aboard so we don't have to carry it back.
They have this great machine that shakes the trees like crazy to remove all the dead needles.
Wrap it up and stick it on the base for us.

This was our last trip in the ol' Explorer together- at least it was a good memory!

Set the tree up in our house.
Prepare all necessary decorating supplies.
Bring down all of our decorations from the attic & try to keep Zoe from drinking the tree water.

Not that you can see any of the ornaments here, but H put them up all by himself. I unpacked the rest of the decos for the house while he did the tree trimming. The tree has been up for a week now & it's helping me get into the holiday spirit.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Almost done with my Christmas shopping, but I haven't even started on the wrapping!


Christy said...

How fun! I want to cut down a tree. :)

Great tree!

Laila said...

Hi Amanda and Zoe! Merry Christmas! I gave you a "Christmas Spirit Award" on my blog for cutting down a real Christmas tree. My mom is very jealous :) Keep up the holiday cheer!

-Miss Laila