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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Big 13th Birthday Party

The big shebang was last Saturday for my sister's birthday. Instead of carting a gaggle of teenagers downtown (like they did for my brother), they hosted a game party at their house. The guys all started out in their usual place for some street football.

The girls chatted among themselves back at the house.

My brother is on the far left pointing, and a few of these guys were Haley's friends and invited to the party. The rest of them are just the regular neighborhood gang.

The girls huddle up and gossip. The ping pong table is a relic from my youth- I remember dad would always play me a game during a commercial break. That was usually long enough to beat me when I was 10.

The official party started with a game of pictionary. I was surprised how many of the kids had never played before.

Let me suggest you don't play a game that involves 10 teenagers at a time yelling every imaginable word in their vocabulary at the same time.

They all got really into it & very loud!

The one on the right is NOT the boy my sister has a crush on ;)

Boo for very low lighting & using a flash. :(

I don't think so many people have ever sat on that couch together.

I'm very proud of my sister- she's doing awesome in school, dance and volleyball.

Then the boys discovered the chocolate fondue with strawberries, cake and marshmallows.

Then a full out feeding frenzy ensued.

This is pretty much how I will always remember my parents house: everybody in the kitchen eating and having a great time.

I think there were at least 20 kids, and it was entertaining to watch the dynamics of the group.

Back outside for more games that require yelling.

Girls back to volleyball and boys back to football.

Most of the gals were pretty good & several of them are on the team with Haley.

A group shot of the gals while we waited on pizza. I think at least 8 large pizza's were destroyed, and I had all the rowdiness I could stand, so I headed home before the big birthday cake. I heard the rest of the party was a huge success though.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H doesn't have to work all day after all, and we're going to enjoy the awesome fall weather.

1 comment:

Christy said...

Awww it looks like everyone had a fun time. What a great bday party. Happy Birthday to your sis'!