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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rodeo: Introduction & Fillers

This week is going to be all about Rodeo Houston! It's really quite the ordeal here in Houston & a month+ long adventure. It starts with the world-famous BBQ cook-off in which almost 200,000 people feast on some of the best brisket, chicken & ribs in the world. Also, the Rodeo Uncorked is up my ally, with local vintners competing in a wine tasting extravaganza. We have the trail riders caravan from all over the state to ride into town. The big kick-off parade leads into the 3 weeks of actual Rodeo after all the build-up.

Rodeos & livestock shows are deeply ingrained in these parts. Every county holds a yearly fair, which is a miniature version of the real-deal. The students all participate in the agriculture part, and the cowboys compete in the rodeo portion. During the summer, many small towns hold local fairs and rodeos every weekend.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the richest rodeo in the world- the award more prize money to the cowboys and cowgirls than any other rodeo, including the world finals in Vegas.

Some important info about rodeos in general. The bigger ones always have a fair or carnival of some sorts. That means you can eat some awful (ly good) food, lose your money playing rigged games with carnies, and ride some scary upside-down whirly loop deathtrap. There are usually competitions for things like quilts and jams and artwork. There are typically exhibits relating to farm life- everything from John Deere displays to saddle sales. Most fairs & rodeos include lots of educational things for kids- games and petting zoos.

Now- about the Rodeo itself. There is always a great big opening of some type. Imagine lots of music and hoopla, maybe some fireworks. The Houston Rodeo starts off with a grand-entry parade. All the workers who herd animals around and rescue cowboys parade through the arena in a big, slow procession. All the guests of honor for each night and high-dollar donors. They all take a lap around the arena & hang out for the invocation and national anthem.

The actual events of a rodeo are always the same: bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. Don't worry! I'll teach you all about each even this week. The other fillers between events include the chuck-wagon races & the best-ever calf-scramble for youth. You'll know more than you ever wanted to about rodeos. ;)

Stay tuned for: Calf Roping, Bare Back Riding, Team Roping, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Calf Scramble and the Concert- Rascal Flats

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: No stupid reviews class this weekend & I can go to church!


Rio Rocket said...

Pictures like this make me want to go home to South Dakota more often. Besides there's lots of pheasant there for Rocket

Christy said...

I haven't been to the rodeo in years!