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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zoe & Ruby Play

Zoe was playing with the tennis ball when Tony arrived at the park and she had her 2 minute crazy hello with him.
The really funny thing about the dogs was that Zoe would chase the ball, Ruby would chase Zoe, Zoe would stop chasing the ball. So.....that means Tony has to chase the ball and the dogs both chase him.
Then they realize Tony has come back with the ball & they both sprint back to us.

Zoe wasn't much into getting dirty or even getting very wet. This was about as far in the water as she went last Saturday.

Poor Ruby wanted to play with Zoe so badly, but Zoe was just doing her own thing & ignoring Ruby the best she could.

They were both on alert waiting for Tony to throw the tennis ball again.

We got to one part of the park and they both smelled something.

This was the best group picture I could do.

Near the end of our play date when both dogs are slowing down.

Near the end of our park hour, they are both finally more interested in me & my treats than they are with harassing each other. ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're headed out to the beach in sunny Florida today.

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