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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day at Mote

On our last day of vacation, we made Brad go to work and show us the Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium. He's got the best job ever!

We arrived just in time for the shark feeding. Excuse the low-light, high noise and green tint!

Several types of sharks, menacing fish and this large sting ray were in the tank too.

Each shark had a designated feeding area with its own shape/sign.

Glad we saw this AFTER going to the beach!

Inside, there were many beautiful fish & I'll save all those for a later post.

We headed over to the Salty Dog for a beautiful waterfront lunch .

We then headed over to the mammal building, where we saw some GIANT turtle and 2 HUGE manatees snacking on a tank full of lettuce.

We were just in time for the dolphin feeding. These were two rescue dolphins who now live there permanently because they can not return to the wild.

They were super-cute and smaller than most dolphins you see at aquariums or in shows, but they performed some neat tricks.

And this, sadly, concludes our mini-vacation weekend. :(

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm super lucky that my wonderful husband agreed to spend our Memorial Day weekend with my best friend!

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Rocket said...

Mote is so cool! On our family vacation my step-daughter was like 8 at the time. She was terrified to go in the ocean for days. We went to Mote 2 days before we left. The very next day we could not get her out of the ocean. Since seeing all the cool stuff at Mote she decided that all the scary stuff is out in deep water and therefore it was safe to swim ALL DAY!