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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Finished Office

I think I'm 99% finished with everything in my office. I'd done the bulk of the painting & furniture assembly in July, but I was still needing to decorate, hang things & get organized.

I love my new desk & the Elfa shelves from Ikea at working out great. I'm not sure I'm going to put much on the top shelf, but it is currently holding my stack of high school year books. I've added a few more things since I took this picture- mostly a photo of my dad & I at the wedding, and a picture of our wedding party. The pink & blue bins hold some of my favorite books I couldn't part with, and the lonely blue bin contains all my camera & photography accessories.

I kept one bookshelf, and I managed to give away and trade away many of my other books. One of my other favorite things about the room is my Zoe collage. I've got a few close ups and full body shots, some lazy shots & action shots, toys & swimming.

Each photo is 10"x10" from and printed on single weight mat board. I simply affixed them to the wall with some Velcro. Seriously- I just can't get enough of my dog. :)

I also ordered a 16"x20" canvas from our Day-After photos of the wedding. Other than our wedding photo collage & mini-shrine in the living room, I didn't have any other large printed photos from our wedding. All the folders on the left hold all of our information for our upcoming trips- Colorado, Cancun, Banff & South Africa.

Finally, the lounge couch that just about killed me to assemble. You'd think as an engineer, with my license even, I'd be able to make it work. It was an epic struggle, but I finally made it happen, mostly thanks to a hammer and some extra drilled holes. H told me I should keep my pink heart rug (which I LOVE), and it took me a while to find some throw pillows in the right color. I also am thrilled with how my Wall Words turned out.
I'm so excited to be done, and I'm amazed at what a difference it makes & how much I really do enjoy my office now.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I still occasionally get a stunning sunset in the backyard.


Amanda said...

Your office looks great!! I love the photos and wall of words. I'll have to check out Thanks! And beautiful sunset photo!

Maria said...

Amanda, your office looks so inviting! I'm loving the doggie collage and all your storage space. Very chic, and it almost looks like a catalog page I'd save for inspiration...actually, I will bookmark this post for inspiration. I'm definitely jealous! Great job!

Vanessa said...

Amanda - your office looks beautiful! I love the colors, with a pop of pink! Very chic and stylish :) Good job!

Rocket said...

You're hired! When can you start working on my house?

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A Real Librarian said...

Amanda - your office looks AMAZING!!!! Fabulous!!!

Bree said...

WOW! Totally amazing. I love the bright crisp look.

Christy said...

Love it! It looks like something out of pottery barn. You wanna come and decorate our place?! :D

Tivoliz Vizslas said...

You are so rediculously creative. I am so jealous; I just LOVE the office space . . . !