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Friday, October 3, 2008

Haley's Birthday

Sunday was my only sister's 13th birthday- she's officially a teenager now! As usual the family birthday dinner involves a trek to Outback & all the lobster tails & bread loaves she wants.

H was in New York, and my brother is really getting into the "distant teenager" role and barely acknowledges anybody over the age of 20.

I really hope that, as a society, one day we can possibly overcome the need to sing cheesy birthday songs at the restaurant. They are just plain embarrassing for the birthday boy or gal, and they interrupt my dinner quite often when others dare celebrate a birthday while I'm trying to grab dinner. :)

The parents are doing good. Dad has been swamped with 3 separate custom homes, and then with all the CRAZY repair work and roof jobs after the Hurricane.

I loved this shot of Haley, but am upset that it's a tad blurry because I had my shutter speed too low. Coming up: the big teenage blow-out party!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going back to visit my high school tonight & catch a volleyball game, for old times' sake.

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