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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Le Sigh.....

Well, we didn't quite make it San Francisco. No matter how much I plan, I can't forecast H's work schedule. He called me Wednesday night & told me the good news; he'd received a large job at work. However, the bad news was that he would need to work all weekend. I really should have learned by now. After leaving Detroit early, he missed the baseball game at Tiger Stadium. He also had to cut short his New York & Boston trip to return early for work.

Oh, Fisherman's Wharf! I promise I will re-schedule my trip to visit you and dine in your scrumptious foods. After the possibility of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, I was pumped to explore the rest of San Francisco.

Trolley cars- hang in there a few more years, and I promise I will be out to ride you with mucho gusto! I love hills and history, and there is no better way to combine getting around such a historic city as the old workhorses.

And oh, Sonoma! How disappointed I am that I didn't get to spend one brief day with you! I had my maps all printed, a list of recommended wineries and my camera ready to capture all the amazing beauty of the area. I think this will now require a special trip to just visit Napa and Sonoma.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: At least we had a good reason (more business) to cancel and not a bad reason. I'm going to use my free day, while H's works, to clean my closet and try baking a cheesecake (on my 101 List).

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Christy said...

Sorry you had to cancel your trip. :(