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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Life of #41

The inside of the George HW Bush Presidential Library was even more beautiful than the outside. I was incredibly impressed with how well everything was displayed- good overviews and good details if you wanted to read in depth about his life from childhood through the Presidency.

There were many model and full-size items on display. This is a replica of the aircraft carrier that he served on during World War I. It's hard to believe they let 18 year old boys be fighter pilots.

There was a full-size replica of the plane that he flew, which was shot down and crashed into the ocean.

He held many important positions before becoming Vice-President. He was ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the RNC, special envoy to China, and Director of the CIA. There were many exhibits and artifacts on display from his various positions- gifts from around the world or important documents that he signed.

And then of course to the White House in 1988 after being Vice-President for 8 years. This mock up of the WH was really neat, and it included some photos from the Inaugural Balls and a very life-like recreation of the Oval Office.

They had an old, and very authentic looking, replica of his office at Camp David, including the dog treat dispenser for Millie.

There were extensive and very interesting sections on the important wold events that occur ed during his brief 4 years. In addition to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the other huge event was the Gulf War. The section detailing the war, the new missile technology, the burning of the oilfields and the aftermath was very sad, but difficult view given the current state of affairs in that region.

All in all, I learned a lot about 41, and still have a great deal of respect for him.
(We're not going to talk about his son....)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: If you won a book, it's in the mail.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks like an interesting place to visit! And yeah, Junior makes you appreciate Senior, doesn't he?

Rocket said...

Wow! Now I've been there .... viturally. Cool place.