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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

I'm so excited election day is finally here! It's been a LONG time coming. I remember reading Obama's book on our rafting trip last September & being very curious about this man. H and I watched all the primaries together- we cheered about Iowa & mourned. I've blogged about why I personally support Obama & shared how I think he represents progressive christian values.

If I had to share one other reason for my support & enthusiasm for Obama, I'd ask that you read this piece. It is one of the most compelling arguments about the change that Obama represents. Sullivan is a social liberal, but fiscal and foreign policy conservative who has some gripping thoughts for us about the direction of our country & where we are headed. It is a powerful and moving piece, that cuts right to the heart of why so many Americans think this country is in danger.

No economic mismanagement can compare with this attack on the basic
institutions of our democracy and the constitution. No incompetence in
conducting an occupation can be deemed comparable with this level of criminality
and indecency. No reaction to a natural disaster, however hapless and negligent,
is as grave as this crime. No financial crisis eclipses it in gravity. The
president's oath is to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and
domestic. Instead, the president himself became an enemy to the constitution he
swore to uphold.

For posterity sake, I wanted to document the final state of the race on election day. The final Real Clear Politics poll and electoral map. We'll see how close that turns out to the actual results. H & I have a wager going on about who more accurately predicts the map. I'm going with FL, GA, IN, NC, VA to Obama. AZ, MT, ND, MO & OH to McCain.

Above are the projected electoral vote counts over the last two months. The number of toss-up states had dropped, and the number of Obama states over the 270 thresh hold has been steady since the beginning of October. Read Chuck Todd's, my favorite numbers & map man, state by state analysis of trends & local elections that could have national significance.

One of my other favorite numbers guys, Nate Silver at 538, has a break down each hour tonight of what to watch for. See the above map for poll closing times. I'm not putting any stock in the exit polls this year with record breaking early voting, and regular polling, which misses those with cell phones, isn't very reliable either.

The final Talking Points Memo summary of national polls. I also wanted to send my most sincere thanks to all those, on both sides, who have spent countless thousands of hours volunteering. It's been so exciting reading all the stories & watching the magic that is an election in the United States unfold over the last few months.


GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's a great day for democracy in our country! Please go out and vote!

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Mamacita Chilena said...

That first article that you linked to is REALLY interesting. Thanks for sharing!