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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weekend in Austin

Any month I get to go to Austin twice is going to be pretty awesome. H has these two wonderful friends he has known since high school. These beautiful twin sisters made the trek to Mexico for our wedding last year, and one of them recently moved from California to Austin. Liz (on the left) and her husband just welcomed their first baby girl in April on her birthday (coincidentally I share the twins birthday and so does the new baby!).

They live on the beautiful west side of town, near Lake Travis. Our first stop, since H had never been, was lunch and (more importantly) drinks at the famous landmark Oasis. Since I'd graduated and left Austin, a fire had destroyed many of the old rickty wood decks and they've really spiffed up the place since I'd last been there.

We enjoyed a killer view of Lake Travis, with everybody out there enjoying the long holiday weekend.

Thanks to a zoom lens, I checked out Hippie Hollow. I've got lots of stories I'll never share from that place. Luckily, there are other places to hang out on the "rock beach" and hit the water, they just aren't as good. :)

We had a great time catching up with the new parents, and learning about all the fun adventures to come when (waaay in the future) we have kids. We can't wait to go up there more often and hang out with them.

However, most of our time on this trip was spent entertaining the adorable baby Allison. Even at 2 months old, she's still a tiny thing and such a good baby.

We hung out, cooked burgers, drank wine, played cards and told lots of stories about the trouble they caused in high school. It was a great way to spend the holiday weekend, and got us itching to head out to California to visit the other twin sister.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going to look at flooring today for my office.


Ashley said...

Looks like a fantastic time! Austin is high up there on my "list"! I can't wait to go! :)

Christy said...

What a cute baby. How funny that you and the baby share the same birthday with the twins!