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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Canada!

Another victim of Hurricane Ike was my photography workshop in the Canadian Rockies, and a visit to my friend Courtney in Calgary.

I'd packed all my bags & made several trips to Columbia to stock up on warm clothes. I knew the airport would be closed Saturday, so I'd switched my flights to Sunday.

I rented a super-awesome wide angle lens in preparation to capture some fabulous landscapes

I also rented this gigantic super-zoom lens in hopes of getting some wildlife shots while I was there too.

I'll have to settle for crappy Internet photos for the time being. All flights Sunday & Monday were cancelled out out of Bush airport. Select flights started running on Tuesday, but it was too late for me to go.

We really had an awesome trip outline of all the fabulous places we were going to see in Banff National Park.

I was even excited to see the little town of Lake Louise.

Instead I hung out here without power, attempting to get some use out of my wide angle lens.

Yes, I still hate that orange wall, though many people like it. I've got some tele-zoom Zoe photos coming up soon. It was a really depressing view last week considering what I was supposed to be enjoying.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 8 hours of sleep is so glorious!

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I like the orange wall! And the big windows! And the furniture! We used to have nice furniture like that, but now our upholstery has all these mysterious holes in it ...