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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jazz Fest

We finally made it to Jazz Fest! We caught the shuttle from the Sheraton on Canal Street, and it dropped us off at the Fair Grounds and Horse track. There were 11 stages with music pumping and people jamming! It was so overwhelming, we didn't even know where to start.
As we were walking around, doing some exploring, along came a "street parade" with a full band and dancers. How fun is this?

We ended up in the Gospel Tent, mostly to get out of the sun. We enjoyed this gospel group, who were belting out the hymns and kicking into high gear. They sure looked hot in those suits though.
As luck would have it, Aaron Neville was the next performer on the state. The tent was CROWDED and people were sitting in the aisles and camped outside in their own chairs just to hear the hometown favorite.

We really enjoyed everything about Jazz Fest. The food was awesome and affordable, the lineups were awesome, the people watching was quite amusing and lots of cheap wine.

After some beignets, I stumbled across this heavenly fan mister.

We mostly wandered around, sipping on wine, stopping briefly to watch various acts. We did a few laps around the horse track in the mud, before we decided to camp out on the utter ring in a nice shady place with a back rest.

Of course, we were waiting to hear Jimmy Buffet. The place was PACKED. We didn't even dare cross into the "infield" because there were people, blankets, flags and umbrellas on every square inch of grass and mud. We couldn't really see him at all, but the music was still awesome.

We had such a fab time, and only regret that we could only make it 1 day. We will be back next year! This was also #46 on our 101 Things List- one more checked off!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's a great mother's day as I've got an awesome mom, step-mom, mother-in-law and Gram.

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