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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun in the Fields

So the next stop for the boys was the corn maze at Dewberry Farms. Again- they took of running and poor Joe just couldn't keep up! There is a viewing platform in the middle & the boys had already reached the platform by the time we finished walking to the edge of the maze.

H was even nice enough to carry my camera bag most of the day.

Tearing through the corn fields as fast as they could, mostly staying on the path, but not always.

They wore themselves out pretty quickly. It was hysterical to stand on the platform and watch them all run around- chasing each other, running from each other, running together, searching for each other.

Then they came out one one side and saw the pumpkin fields, and it was off to our next adventure.

Although it had been weeks since Halloween, there were still a few pumpkins in the field. Some broken, some off the vine, some rotten and some still going.

The boys were fascinated with finding the biggest one or the most mis-shaped one to show each other.

They were eager to see who was the strongest & who could pick up the biggest pumpkin.
And then we were off to our next spot....
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H is going to the Rockets game with customers tonight & I'm (hopefully) finishing my book and resting for my big 18 mile jog tomorrow.

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