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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wine in the Springs

I'm back to blogging & I've got lots of beautiful photos to share. My best friend Stephanie met me in Colorado Springs last weekend to celebrate Labor Day. As we approached Garden of the Gods, you can see it was about to get a bit stormy on us.

We did a quick drive through the park in the rain, and then checked into our bed & breakfast just around the corner in Manitou Springs.

By the time we'd unpacked & found a map of downtown, the rain had stopped. Manitou Springs has several of these natural spring wells around town, where you can grab a very refreshing drink of bubbly mineral water. Each of the springs is a unique and beautiful piece of art.

No small town in Colorado is complete without an idyllic stream running through the middle of it.

And no better way to get a vacation kicked off than to stop at the newly opened D'vine Wine.

We sat outside in the cool mountain air, enjoyed the great view and snacked on a cheese & cracker tray.

Inside the store, they sell a variety of bottles of wine. I loved drinking the local Colorado wine & getting in some girl talk.

However, the store is more known for making their own wine.

You can actually make a batch of your own wine if you'd like!
After tasting several yummy glasses of wine, we headed out on the quaint street of historic downtown Manitou Springs to people watch & see all the funky shops.

One such shop had hula hoops laying on the sidewalk for anyone young (or drunk) enough to give them a whirl. Stephanie has the hip shaking thing down, but you can see where my hoop always ended up.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I was able to visit with all 3 of my grandparents today.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks like Stephanie has what we call "Cuban Motion"! ;-)