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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Colorado State Capitol

I was very lucky two weeks ago, getting to travel to Denver & Joshua Tree. My luck was even better because I had some time to stop by the state capitol in Denver & then have dinner with Sue & Don. I'd tried to get there before, but because of fight delays & the early winter sunsets, I only got pictures of some other things.

It was a gorgeous fall day to be outside exploring the Colorado State Capitol grounds, nice cool breeze & a warm sun.

The building was surrounded by a lovely little park, with just a few bums wandering around.

Have I mentioned how much I love Denver and the weather and all the trees?

I'm very impressed with their really gold dome! With all the gold found in the mountains, they probably had plenty of it.

This capitol sits atop this lovely little hill, that slopes down toward the city hall & nearby park.

Not sure why the flags were at half-staff, but I loved that they had the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon flying high.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: First day of early voting in Texas! I'll go if the lines aren't too long. :)

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