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Friday, January 16, 2009

Network Music Upgrade

Now that I've got my iMac all ready to go, I've decided to take the next technological step forward and get on the iTunes bandwagon. I spent much of my holiday importing all my music to iTunes and ripping all my remaining CD's into mpeg files.

On our 101 list was to upgrade & finish our entertainment system. We've survived for 3 years with a cheapo box system, but we were ready to upgrade to some real audio equipment. With some help from our friend who does home theater installations, we bought this Denon Receiver & these Polk Audio speakers and sub-woofer.

One of my Christmas presents was this fun little radio called the Squeezebox Boom which can send my entire music collection on my computer to any room in the house! It's obviously pre-programed to play some great musical tunes for *our* house ;) I've enjoyed having it in the kitchen while we cook & I'm digging all the international music channels I can stream.

We're also getting rid of Comcast Internet & dumping Dish Network to give the At&T U-Verse a try. I like the idea of being able to download movies instead of renting them & the better/cheaper HD access. Installation is this Saturday & hopefully it will go smoothly.

I debated about getting a Blu-Ray player, and I really think that the future of home entertainment is streaming downloads. However, the quality of movie is just too darn impresive to skip this. Plus, I watch so many random old movies, and I couldn't use my old player with the new receiver. The most minimal player I could get good features with was this Sony BDP-S350. We're getting everything all assembled & hooked up next Friday, so I'll report back then!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I think we'll be done with house projects after this done.

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Good choices. I love my old Polk speakers.