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Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogging Vizslas

I *LOVE* following other Vizslas on the inter-tubes, especially through blogs that are updated periodically. I wanted to make a complete list of all my blogging vizsla friends as a resource for other V-owners to connect and enjoy this wonderful breed. This is another great time to plus Google Reader- it helps me stay in touch. If anybody wants the OPML file to import all these at one time, just leave a comment with an email where I can send the file.

If I have any information incorrect or I've missed anybody, please leave me a comment and I will update this page as I find new Vizsla friends.

UPDATED: July 30, 2010

A New Story Begins
Rosie in Michigan

Adventures with Agnes Agnes

Arnie & Troon Arnie & Troon in the UK

Being Gabalicious! Gabby in ??

Blaze the Vizsla Blaze in Calgary

Bouncing Fireball
Bounce in ???

Bouncing Marty Ko & Nyah in Las Vegas

Bruce the Vizsla Bruce in Mississippi

Charlie Morph Charlie in England?

Cheddar is Better Cheddar recovering from a leg amputation in Florida

Darcy Wilson Darcy in the UK

Dennis's Diary of Destruction Dennis & Tucker have some hilarious adventures in California!

Dexter & Ditto's Blog Dexter & Ditto

Diamond Dog Blog Diamond in Redwood City, CA (a Guess Who pup)

Diary of Field Trial Girl Potter in Louisville, KY

Diesel Dog Diesel in UK

EnviroPups Polo & Rudy in North Carolina

Fergus the Vizsla
Fergus in England

Forest King Vizslas Rogue & Kyler in Massachusetts

Gaffers Gazette JJ in Canada

Ginger Magic Ruby & Sophie in Scotland

Hamish in Hackney Hamish McKahn in London

It's a Vizsla Thing Captain in San Francisco

Life & Times of McCoy Mccoy (a Legal Eagle Pup) in New Jersey

Life with Csilla & Zsigmond Csilla & Zsigmond in California

Makin & Tess
Makin & Tess in Massachusetts

Miss Laila Laila of Balitmore

Maggie D0g- A Vizsla's Blog
Maggie in DC

My Vizsla Tess Tess in Indiana

Piscese's 219 Weblog Lyric in Connecticut

Pretty Piper Piper in Minnesota

Radar Radar in Dorset, England

Random Apricot Morph in the UK

Red Bird Dog Bailey & Chloe in California

Red Dawn Vizslas Sasa, Sara, Grady, Dixy & Duna in San Francisco

Red Girls in Scotland Saffie & Hattie in Scotland

Red Waggers Turbie & Remo in California

Rez the Vizsla Zala & Rez in Scotland

Savy Dog Blog (now see Diamond Dog Blog)

Sophie in Louisville, KY ( Mia's littermate :)

The Covington Family Ella in Colorado

The Life of a Hungarian Vizsla Zigana in the UK

The Good Dog Blog Bodi in ?

The Regal Vizsla Jozsi & Momo

Toby- Life with a Vizsla Toby in the UK

Treasures Tale's Princess Treasure in Michigan

Two Dogs & a Husband
Abby & Roxy

Understanding Vizslas Rosco, Daisy, and LuLu in Indianapolis, Indiana

Urban Mutt Brisztow Jones in New York City

Varazs Vizslas Miska in Canada

Vigo Dog Vigo in the UK

Vizsla livin', Vizsla Lovin' Cookie & Sila in Connecticut

Wags, Wiggles, & Giggles Rio & Delilah in Michigan

Whiskey the Dog Whiskey in San Francisco

Winne the Wirehaird Vizsla Winnie in Virginia

World According to Rufus Rufus in the UK

Willowynd Ranch Vizslas in California

A Vizsla's Blog- Jake
Buster B. Brown - Buster
Jonas- A Vizsla Blog Jonas
Tru Vizslas Gracie

The Legal Eagles
Born April 30, 2008
Rozie x Justice

Dream Team Pups
Born July 1, 2008
Briseis (of Red Diamond Vizslas) x Owe'n (of Tivoliz Vizslas)

Three's Company Pups
Born May 25, 2008
Siren (of Tivoliz Vizslas) x Rowdy

Thyme's "Last Call" Litter

Born September 2, 2008
Thyme (of Red River Vizslas) x Remy

Oh My Stars Litter
Born January 25, 2009
Csilla (of Tamaron Vizslas) x Dallas (of Tamaron Vizslas)
Guess Who Litter
Born February 26, 2009
Q (of HRQ Vizslas) x Spenser (of Zenith Vizslas)

Kissables itter
Born February 23, 2010
Brisztow x ??

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'll have a new litter announcement to add soon ;)


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow, that's quite a list of vizsla blogs! I follow many of them, too, but not all of them -- you've definitely got me beat! :-)

Looking forward to the litter announcement ...


Thanks for the birthday wish! WOW , LOVE ANYTHING VIZSLA...and this blog list is something to bark about!


mareandrose said...

Great have more V blogs to look at!

Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Amanda - love your Blog! And, wow, so many other vizzie Blogs...very impressive! Juliet & Radar

RandomApricot said...

Great list Amanda, and thanks for including Morph in there :)

Please could you send me the OPML file for your V list to randomapricot at gmail dot com.

Damian and Morph

PiperJ said...

Great list, Amanda! You have a great blog!

Fergus said...

Wow Amanda, that's one great list! Like you I love following the blogs, they make me smile so much. I'm new to blogging and have started a blog for my ginger nutter Fergus.

I'm now heading off to check out the blogs you've listed as I only have a few of them that I currently follow! Thanks for an excellent resource.

lucyanddaniel said...

Thanks for this list, I have 5mnth old viz pup and found this blog list and have had soo much fun reading them all! Now i've created my own blog.. can we please be added to the list!

understandingvizslas said...

Great list! Awesome to realize how many of us are nuts over Vizslas. We blog too.
Scott & Angela

understandingvizslas said...

Oops! I forgot to post our Vizslas' names: Rosco, Daisy, and LuLu

understandingvizslas said...

Thanks Amanda. We're going to link this list on our website. I think this roll call is a great resource for potential Vizsla owners to see what other's experiences are with their dogs.

Maybe we'll see you over on Facebook at Vizsla Fun? Just getting started... Best to you, :) Angela