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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Downtown Denver

While in Downtown Denver, I also had the chance to walk around the parks near the State Capitol.

There was an incredible garden with the most beautiful and unusual flowers. They were so pretty that they didn't even look real.
On both the East and West end of the plaza/park area that separates the State Capitol and City Hall are these neat amphitheatre-structure type of things.

I swear that it's too hot in Texas to ever grow these beautiful flowers.

There were also some very neat and unusual buildings downtown.

I love that Denver has more parks and green space than just about any other major city. I'd love for us to have something this nice in downtown Houston & the super fantastic weather to go with it.

Although they didn't have any skyscrappers as big as the ones in Houston, they have some very large (and pretty) office buildings.

If I end up missing one day, you should tell my husband to check in Denver. :)

I imagine really, really rich people have these types of gardens in their backyard and spend the afternoons taking leisurely strolls among the beauty and tranquility.

Seriously, if I win the lottery a garden this beautiful will be at the top of my To-Do list.

And one awful panoramic of city hall. I was tired & just snapped a few quick shots without paying much attention to anything. The building itself is beautiful and very impressive.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I think I'm finally getting over this awful cold & allergies that have had me under the weather for a few weeks.


Amanda said...

Those are so gorgeous! I love the flowers :) Sigh...

Christy said...

Beautiful flowers!