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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Siesta Key Pub Crawl

The Siesta Key bar area is home to 5 fun, funky & unique bars. After getting a wee-bit too much sun on the beach, we headed to town to cool off a few cold ones.

Round 1 at the Daiquiri Deck started out perfect!

Next stop was across the street at Gilligans, where we grabbed a bite to eat with our drinks & listened to live music.

We then wandered over to Siesta Key Oyster Bar, referred to as SKOB.

I called it day and switched to some caffeinated beverages when the Jager Bombs showed up.

Our forth and final stop was Speakeasy, where the guys failed miserably at Golden Tee.

H moved onto a very *interesting* game of pool.

He did good and wasn't too distracted by his opponents "girlfriend". He won 2-1.

It was a cute little bar, but we finally rounded up the guys and called it a LONG day before the band got started for the night shift.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's going to be a lazy Sunday afternoon- we really need it.

1 comment:

Rocket said...

Been there, done that .... thank goodness for aspirin .....