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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Assembling the Desk

Just to annoy my husband further than messing up HIS room and the guest room, I've also created a mess in the garage with my old desk & my new furniture.

Then, to take the chaos to a whole new level, I moved all 652,164 pieces for the new desk inside and laid them out in the dining room AND the front living room to get organized.

I guess it's the engineer in me, but I actually enjoy assembling things like this, but only when they assemble easily. I did the bulk of it Tuesday night before and after my mom's birthday dinner.

Wednesday night, I finished up with the desktop and the drawers. I worked really hard to re-assemble my computer with all the cords neatly arranged, my external hard drives and cable modems stacked neatly on shelving. Don't mind my favorite drink (besides wine!) and regular afternoon snack of chips & salsa sitting on my desk ;)

Unfortunately, I hit a little snag when it came to assembling the convertible lounge. I tried in vain, and even had H help me for about 30 minutes, to get the top cross-bar on the couch to attach properly. After a careful study, I realized that the board is warped & had to call customer service to have them send me a replacement part. Hopefully we'll get the shelving hung this afternoon & my book cases moved back into the room, but it might be next weekend before I get my couch assembled.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're visiting the George HW Bush Presidential Library this mornign before heading home.

1 comment:

Rocket said...

What a cool new desk! goes great on the dark flooring. Good color choice