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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Siesta Key Beach

Oh so beautiful! I wish I was back there again this Saturday.

The water really was that green & Stephanie told us the waves were unusually big for the west coast of Florida.

We headed out to Siesta Key early Saturday morning. The sand there is amazing, and the sun was brutal. It was pretty hot, but the water felt great.

We spent most of our day chatting and catching up with everybody. H had to purchase some $15 plastic sunglasses because he forgot to bring his.

Stephanie and Brad had way more energy that I could manage, so they played volleyball while I played with my camera.

And then H stole my camera from me! You can see the red rip-tide warning flag on the lifeguard stand in the background.

Back to volleyball! Some days I miss playing, but then I remember the 8 years of bruises and banged up knees.

These people had the right idea- bring your keg to the beach, bury it, fill the hole with ice and then put up the shade tent over it.

Nothing like a little self-portrait in the surf after a wave clobbered me . I *love* my other camera!

Siesta Key is is one of the top 10 beaches in Florida every year, and you can see why.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're going to see a ballet interpretation of Tango tonight.


Christy said...

Nice beach! Sounds like a fun time.
Oh you did get to go to the ballet after all huh? Awesome!

Rocket said...

LOVE Siesta Key! We rented a beach front duplex. Nothing special but it was SO WORTH IT to be right on the beach. Siesta Key is a Top 10 beach for a reason it ROCKS!