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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

My dear husband is celebrating his 10th anniversary of his magical 21st birthday. I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane to celebrate. These are some old photo his mom shared with me.

I still catch this expression from him quite often now! We're going to have a semi-joint birthday party and crawfish boil this afternoon with friends and family.

Dressed to the 9's even when he was a kid. He still cleans up pretty well in a suit, just not a polyester one!

His was much more fortunate than I was during my Junior High years.

And of course- senior year of high school. His corsage pales to my homecoming mum.

And of course graduation! Though this was a high school picture, I'm incredibly proud of my husband for being the very first one in his huge extended family to graduate from college- and he did it while working full time!

The college years, with his best friends Matt & Mark, on their sky diving adventure.

It's pretty neat (almost) sharing a birthday with my husband. We get to spend lots of time with friends and family. My dad & step-mom took us out to an awesome seafood dinner last night. I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing, wonderful, special, thoughtful, smart, funny man as my husband. I look forward to sharing many, many more birthdays together!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Getting almost 10 hours of sleep is an awesome gift for either of us!


A Real Librarian said...

YAY!!! Happy birthday H!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday H! Those are some great pics. He looks so handsome in the last one!!!

Christy said...

Happy Belated Birthday H!
He was such a cute boy, good-looking teen and now a handsome man. :-)