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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last week, I headed up to the high school to watch my freshman brother compete on the varsity wrestling team.

Although the other team had more styling warm-up gear, our team was still sporting the classic and always-comfy sweats.

After watching the Junior Varsity teams wrestle, it was time for the varsity team to warm up. They do lots of stretching to prepare for the wrestling moves about to be imposed on them.

I then sat and waited for an hour, getting some basic lessons on how a wrestling match works and the general rules.

I was very impressed with how strong, flexible and impressive some of these young wrestler were during their matches.

They all had special moves and choke-holds to use on their opponents.

Finally it was time for my brother to get ready- sweats off, shorts off, suit on and ear-gear on.

Then of course some more stretching.
Sorry for the awful quality of these photos- it was SOO dark in the gym.

Finally he was up to check in at the score keeper's table. He was wrestling in the 104 lb. and under weight class even though he only weighs in the 80's. So he can be out-weighed by up to 20 lbs in some of his matches.
Shake hands...

And go!
A little spin move....

...then the other guy charges Hunter.

And just picks up up in the air....

...and throws him down on the ground.

It was a pretty nasty throw-down & he had Hunter pinned down pretty quick.

He struggled and twisted to keep from getting pinned, but it was no use with the kid who out-weighed him.

And he's down for the count. Although it was brutal, it was only a few short seconds, and the pain didn't last 3 rounds of 2 full minutes. Hunter actually did win his first match last Saturday- but only because the other team didn't have a wrestler in his weight class. He was still excited ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Ack- we've got chocolate chip cookies in the office today!

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Melissa-D said...

I went to Cy-Fair! I didn't even know they had a wrestling team! Too fun!