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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008, Round 2

After Round 1 of Christmas, we headed to church for a nice service with H's mom & then to her friend's house for a super-festive meal. I love when people are really into decorating & make their house look like it's out of a magazine.
It was fun to hang out with young kids for a little while that evening- they are still full of the wonder and awe of such a magical time of year.
And, despite it being 75 degrees in Houston, they still have a roaring fire that I enjoyed while getting all toasty with hubby.
The meal was made from scratch with lots of love, but it was the desserts that really won me over.
Here's H's mom and her best friend- the wonderful chef & pastry maker.
Isn't she adorable!? If I can guarantee that my kids will be this cute & this well behaved, I might be convinced to have some a few years sooner! ;)
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My step-dad is home from the hospital & Gram is feeling much better.

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