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Friday, April 11, 2008

Smarter than Professional Engineer?

While I'm off today seeing if I'm smart enough to be a licensed professional engineer, why don't you take the test too? Here are a few sample problems from a practice test that I thought I'd share so you know all the *uber important* things an engineer must know ::eye roll::

Which data from the above piston diagram is necessary and sufficient to determine the shear stress in the threads at the piston rod to piston attachment?

The torsional deflection (deg) between bearing is most nearly:

The magnitude of the reaction (lb) at the left bearing is most nearly:

The maximum bending stress (psi) in the shaft is most nearly:

The temperature at State 8 is most nearly:

The actual power (hp) required to drive the compressor C2 is most nearly:

Dry saturated steam at 200 psia is supplied to the reforming plant at a rate of 5.0 x 10^6 lbm/hr. The reforming plant returns it to the steam power plant at 100 psia as a saturated liquid. The total rate of energy extracted by the reforming plant from the steam (MW) is most nearly:

Yes, you need some type of crazy degree to read this chart. It's even has a semi-appropriate name, the Psych Chart.

The old "classic high school physics" problem. This one was actually pretty easy. The rest all sucked....

The test is 80 problems- 40 breadth questions across various divisions of mechanical engineering in the 4 morning hours and 40 depth questions, which I'll take in machine design, in the 4 afternoon hours. The pass rate is around 65%, so wish me luck!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm such freaking happy just to have this behind me.


Amanda said...

O my gosh. I couldn't even understand enough to read through the sentences you wrote. You are a smart cookie!

Good luck and I know you will pass!!!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Ooooh ... the conventional wisdom at Clarkson University was that the mechies (as we called them) had the hardest coursework. Good luck!

Rocket said...

Answer -- MORE BEER!

Courtney said...

Ummmmmm... Good thing you're the engineer! Lots of luck on the exam