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Thursday, June 26, 2008

101 Update

We've been very busy on our 101 List in 1001 Days since my last update in January. We are officially 500 days into our first 1001 days of marital bliss. We have until November 9, 2009 to finish our list.


**New since the last update
6- Go to a NY Yankees Game (June 2007)
**7- The biggie this year as our trip to Brazil & Argentina for our anniversary (February 2008)
**12- Decorate H's office
14- H to start a 401(K)
16- Start a journal ( blogging )
20- Subscribe to a magazine (Newsweek)
**21- Visit the dentist (H finally went in March)
26- Clean the carpet
31- Fondue with friends
34- Read a fiction novel (You can see that I've done that several times over)
40- Take a photography class (June 2007)
**46- We went to the New Orleans Jazz Fest (April 2008)
47- Run everyday for a month (did this, but might do it again)
**50- Write and publish a technical paper (presented it in Detroit)
**51- Get Professional Engineering License (studied & I passed!)
54- Go to a small town fair & rodeo
57- Subscribe to a travel magazine
62- Visit Alabama (Trip for Thanksgiving 2007)
**72- New grill for the house
76- See Dave Matthews Band in Concert
68- Redecorate our bedroom
71- Give blood
87- Go on a picnic (several times)
97- Ice Skating (did this with his cousins, but might go again)


1- Run a marathon together (H has started training!)
10- We started our garden! (April 2008)
11- Start a music library (I've collected CD's from most of our concerts)
41- Cook 1 new meal a week (I've done a few & did another last night)
45- Camp at 3 New Parks (we did McKinney Falls, so 2 more to go)
48- Visit grandparents every week (I've been better, but not great about this)
63- Read a book together
72- Pay off debt
84- Rent 10 classic movies (we've rented quite a few, but I have some more on my classics list)
90- Review monthly budget (we've been ok on tracking this, but will continue to do better)
94- Try new ethnic restaurants (a few down, a few more to go)
101- Go to the driving range together (we've been a few times)


7- Trip to Big Bend National Park (I've just about talked H into going in December)
36- Volunteer for politics (hopefully this fall)
37- Take Zoe to the beach (on our calendar for June)
44- Get SCUBA certification
65- Go to an art exhibit (an awesome Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit is in town)
67- Have a girls weekend (I'm trying to plan a Labor Day weekend party in Colorado with Stephanie)
83- Go to a Houston Dynamo Game (on our calendar for July)
100- Visit the Messina Hof Winery (we're booked for the Harvest Festival in July)


22- Install a sprinkler system
27- Go fishing with my dad
30- Plant some flowerbeds
88- Couples Massage

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My grandparents are finally together again at a nursing home, and they are both doing fairly well.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow, you're very ambitious! We didn't make a list, but still, I doubt we've done that much in 17 years ... ;-)

Rocket's Mom said...

WOW! All we want is to get our coffee cafe open. It's been a nightmare experience. I'll have to blog about it when I reach a better frame of mind to do so.

We made a partial "bucket list" ourselves. But getting this cafe built and running ($$$$) is A-1 priority over everything.

Hope to someday have a list like you. Wish I had feet that functioned as good as yours to get me back on track with exercise.

Keep up the good work.

Christy said...

We should start our own 101 list!