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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

61 Years of Marriage

I hope to say that about my marriage in another 60 years, but Sunday my grandparents celebrated their 61st Anniversary.

You can read my post about my grandparents, and see their photos from Anniversary parties in years past.

It's been *another* difficult year. Grandma's health has continued to decline, but it has stabilized in the past few months. Her rehab & physical therapy is coming along. She's moved to a premanent nursing home very close to our house. She can walk very short distances with a walker, but mostly sticks to her wheel chair. Besides boredom, she appears to otherwise be doing pretty well.

Grandpa had been doing great at an assisted living facility until the past few weeks. After a series of dizzy spells, the gave him a pacemaker. When he continued to complain, the discovered the need to a huge open heart surgery. He was fairly high risk because of his age and his worsening dementia. He had the surgery a few weeks ago, and was actually transferred out of the hospital and to the nursing home with Grandma on Friday.

H and I went to see them on Sunday after church. We took some small flowers and their favorite snacks. We wheel Grandma down to Grandpa's room, and she told us that they would hopefully have a room together by Monday. We didn't stay long, but Grandpa seemed to be doing alright, not bad and not great, for having had such a major surgery.

I try to visit them a few times a month, and will hopefully do better now that my travel schedule has lightened up a bit.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm still lucky to have 3 living grandparents.

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Christy said...

Awww how wonderful! Congrats to your grandparents--that's awesome!