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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Hunter

Since I missed my brother's birthday (and only touched on his party) as an opportunity to do a flashback, I thought I'd use the official start of has last summer before high school to dredge up horrible memories of the past. He was an adorable baby!

So happy, but wow- the early 90's, bad photography and fashion made it tough to be so a cutie.

Nothing like an out-of-focus photo with a time stamp. Looks like it was Thanksgiving at Grandma's house when he was about 7 months old. Oh- the wood paneling. I do miss it now that it's gone.

But we have an even more scary sight! Don't mind the too big t-shirt, umbro shorts, over-size hair scrunchy and big bangs. I have no idea who that girl is....

And of course my super-duper dad, showing off his excellent taste in wallpaper and decor. At least he's got a cute 2 month old baby to bring the picture back into the acceptable range.

And he's quite a bit older here, but it was before he decided he was too cool to be on the swim team. I'm guessing at least 4-5 years ago. I must have missed it when showcasing his athletic talents.

Cheers to High School Hunter- it only gets better! ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Hunter's baseball team went undefeated in their league and they won he championship.

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