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Monday, June 30, 2008

Home for Three Years

Three years ago today I signed the contract for our current home. I'd been wanting to move into the neighborhood adjacent to my parents for a few reasons, mainly that it was just a few miles from my office. This house had been on the market for at least 9 months, and I think I was turned off by the realtor photos. I looked at a house across the street, and I realized this house had the same floor plan, which I loved. I asked the agent to show me this house, and I knew it was the one right away. I think many buyers were turned off because the freeway is right behind my back fence. It didn't bother me too much, and the price was quite a bargain at the time. I snapped it up, and decided planting some trees and bushes would be my first priority.

This was the chesssy entertainment center I had at my first house, and some fabulous garage sale leather couches. The main house was totally white, while each bedroom was an interesting montage of color choices.

Despite the cliche angel wallpaper, I ended up buying some new furniture when I moved in and decided the bedroom should be pink! Don't worry- shortly after we married, I gave into my husbands demands to less girly bedroom.

I've been on a blue & brown kick for a few years now, and now we will have our master bedroom, guest bath and my office all in happy, mellow shades of blues & browns.

And the sad, sad state of affairs in my backyard right after I moved in. One of my first projects was to get some super-duper fast growing bushes planted. You can even see one of my favorite trees, before it was violently chopped down, in the above photo. Though our old grill served us well, I'm so glad to have a new one & new patio furniture.

My guest bathroom sat totally unadorned, even sans shower curtain, for the first 6 months. Mom gave me the aquarium themed decor for Christmas in 2005, and we kept it until we got some new decor from our wedding registry near the end of 2006.

This is the formal dining room today, and it looks pretty much like it did when I moved in 3 years ago. I had intended to paint it eventually, but I think we will wait until we decide what to do with the front living room. The breakfast room was recently adorned with art from South America & my mom's super cool glass paintings.


My pink & green, once a baby's room, office is officially gone after this past weekend~ more updates to come.


Anonymous said...

What's so wrong with the entertainment center?

Dileep said...

:) good, like to read your blogs