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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Picnic in the Park

Last Friday, Good Friday, we both worked a few hours and then had an early afternoon date in the park. The weather has been great here lately- not too hot yet! We decided to head to an old favorite park called Stude Park.

The park is quintessential Houston to me for many reason. Of course White Oak Bayou, which winds so many other places through the city, is the closest we've got to a scenic lake or river around the parts.

It's also set right next to the freeway, but it does offer some beautiful panoramas of downtown. The area is under going an incredible revival in the last 5-10 years, as many people are moving back into lofts and condos downtown to avoid the traffic and be closer to city life.

We sipped on wine, munched on wheat thins & indulged in Kebler chocolate graham cracker cookies. If I hadn't forgot the cheese, it would have been the perfect picnic.

It was great to just chill out after a long week of traveling and work. We talked politics and current events, watched families bike and jog along the trails on the bayou and enjoyed the spring flowers all around.

Just having some fun with my camera! This park is in the area of where H grew up and also near my Grandparent's house, so it was a fairly important gathering place for us both growing up. Also, when I lived in the Heights, it was a great place for Zoe and I to jog.

I really do love all the older homes in the area. They have such personality and character, and most of them have been really well maintained. In many of the older areas, it's more common to bulldoze the house and build a new one, but this area is retaining it's chart quite well.

We dropped into King Biscuit for a little dinner out on their patio, and then continued driving around the Woodland Heights area. I was amazed at how beautiful the homes were & how much the area has changed recently. The schools have been remodeled and the area was in full spring bloom.



Anonymous said...
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Courtney said...

Who is Ruby? A friend for Zoe?
What a great idea for a picnic!!!! I think I might need to steal your idea!

Rocket said...

Oh Zoe girl you're lookin good after the surgery. Looks like your hairs are growing back on your leg. And you got to meet a new friend. Alway nice to meet other Vs.