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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Haley's Swim Meet

Last Saturday, I headed up to the neighborhood pool to watch my sister swim. The kids spend most of the day playing games, and then spend about 10 minutes actually swimming.

My step-mom actually called me up to the pool when her event was coming up, but when I arrived I noticed her already by the pool- having swam her leg on the medley relay race. She wasn't slated to swim that event, but filled in for a teammate at the last minute.

I waited and waited and waited around while they finished up the older kids medley relays, and then moved onto the freestyle events. They always start out with the youngest group, and these 6 & under boys were so adorable!

And really hysterical when they jumped in the water!

Haley is not here, but it's all her friends in her age group waiting for their turn.

It was finally time for her to head to the ready bench, but not before mom came to the rescue from the hair crisis.

Next heat up- they are all getting nervous.

Ready! Set! GO!

Good dive Haley!

There aren't many action shots that are good for swimming, other than the top of a swimmers head.

She won her heat, which was the 2nd fastest of the girls her age.

By the time we could walk to our car and drive away, Haley was already forgot swimming and was back to playing.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H's computer broke suddenly on Saturday, but the good news is that we had a whole 10 days left on the 1 year warranty.

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