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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recent Entertainment

Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End the Genocide in Darfur
I picked up this book because I wanted a better understanding of the crisis going on in Sudan. It was a heart-breaking and inspiring book at the same time. I can only hope and pray that our politicians will hear the pressure of the public to stage a more aggressive intervention into the killing spree.

I was stuck out in San Jose, CA a few weeks ago without anything to read on the long flight home. I dashed into the bookstore & grabbed the first book I'd heard of from the bestseller shelf. For my 101 Things, I need to read some fiction and I thought this would be a good opportunity. This is just a very odd book. Think about all the creepy and bizarre things that went out in the 1930's and in a circus and multiply them together. It was entertaining, but fairly depressing in how the circus and society as a whole treated societal outcasts and animals.

Also on my 101 List, is to watch classic movies. H happened to record this on our DVR, so we watched in a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Great movie- but such a sad and tragic topic. All war movies are difficult for me to watch, but it was amazing to see the pride and eagerness that African Americans were willing to fight and die in the Civil War.

Given my recent shift in political views, I wanted to learn more about the supreme court. I know that above and beyond all the issues of each and every election, both sides cry out "...and don't forget the importance of life time judicial appointments!" I wanted to understand better why the court has remained "liberal", even after a string of appointments by Republican judges. It's a good- mostly about the judges themselves and not specific cases.

The Bucket List

Watched this movie on the airplane and probably wouldn't have just picked it. Again, sort of a depressing topic- making a list of fulfilling and exciting things to do before you kick the bucket. I think everybody should make that list long before they are given a short time left to live. I also wasn't too happy with him leaving his wife & family during his dying days, nor being nearly moved to tears while on a plane. ;)

Step Up 2 the Streets
Another airplane movie, but I totally dug it in all of its cheesiness. It's a culture shock and clash when a street dancing girl gets accepted to a classical dancing school. Of course, the predictable crush on dance boy, and she *frees* many of the students from their stuffy, conservative art box by starting a street dancing crew.

So I'd heard about this Tango Ballet coming to town months ago and bought us tickets. I'd been very eagerly awaiting the big show. We got all dressed up and went out for dinner, but my Cosmo was my main highlight. I guess I just don't *GET* ballet. I can appreciate it a little bit, and I'm impressed with their athletic ability and skills. However, I just get bored after a while and there was nothing remotely tango-ish about this show to the casual (me) observer.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: So much more free time lately- I'm loving it!

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Rocket said...

Saw the Bucket List with friends. Got us all thinking. So we've made a short list. Some stuff we'll conquer with our friends. It's actually kind of an on-going topic now with them. It's kinda fun actually.