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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saturday Afternoon in Sarasota

Seeking out some shade and coolness, we dropped into the Marie Sebly Botanical Gardens. I've got dozens of photos of gorgeous flowers, but I'll save those for some later posts.

Nothing better than hanging out with friends in a beautiful place.

Loved having a science teacher with me to tell me about all the plants.

Again, another great view of the bay. All that bench needs is some shade. ;)

I found the trees and their intricate roots incredibly fascinating.

There was also a cute little cottage, where we enjoyed a refreshing glass of wine and some A/C.

After we got cleaned up, we headed over to Hemingway's Retreat on St. Armand's Circle. We enjoyed sitting up on the balcony, watching all the beach goer's and sipping on some fabulous drinks.

I have some very fond memories of Saint Armand's Circle from the college Spring Break many years ago that I came home with Stephanie.

Life really doesn't get any better than yummy food, my dear husband and great friends!

I insisted on seeing a fabulous West Coast Sunset before we went home, so we ate snacks and drank adult beverages until it was time to head out to the beach to watch the show.

Walking just a few blocks down to the water front and on to the beach, we caught a beautiful sunset.

We watched in awe as it set into the clouds on the horizon.

Then it was gone, and we were left with a regular beautiful beach as dusk.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 1 night in Laredo is enough, and I'm headed home today.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Great photos! Okay, I will admit that much as I didn't like getting sent to Tampa for work, I did enjoy watching the sunsets from the Sand Key. (Staying there without a car was okay. Staying in like the Ramada on Highway 19 without a car, not so much.)

Rocket said...

There's nothing like a Sunset Cinema to end your day.