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Monday, June 9, 2008

Zoe in the Pool

I was excited last weekend to finally get to the pool at mom's house with my camera and Zoe. She *LOVES* the pool and we can't keep her out of it in the summer.

We have several pool games, but most of them revolve around eating the splash. She will dog paddle and try to catch each drop of water you aim at her.

She really makes quite a commotion and looks like she's drowning. She can swim quietly and gracefully when she wants, but it's a ruckus when she's catching splashes.

The next splash game is stand on the ledge seat and jump up on her hind legs to catch the water droplets.

If we don't splash just right- not too big or too small, she start barking in aggravation.

We can usually get her to leap out and up to catch the splashes too. Great jumping dog, bad zooming (and splashing at the same time) photographer.

And when she's really aggravated with us for not splashing, she starts to dig in the water and creates a HUGE mess everywhere.

After we yell at her to stop, she runs over to the steps where we sit and tries to catch the water at the origination point.

After the falls into the water, she stands on the steps and expects more splashing and wont' get out of my face (or away from my fancy camera!).

And when all else fails- get the water guns out.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Mom & John love to swim with her and we can come visit anytime.


~Danialle said...

omg i LOVE these pictures! what a funny girl she is!!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks like Zoe's having a fine time in the pool. Ours don't seem to like to swim, they just wade ...

Rhonda said...

Yay....more Zoe pics!

Rocket said...

Zoe my pool isn't nearly that big. You lucky dog.

Andrew Campbell said...

oh boy oh boy! great pics of a vizsla having almost too much fun. Our older dog will wade to chest depth, and our younger just learned the flounder stroke (the precursor to the actual doggy paddle). But nowhere near as excited as Zoe. wooohooo.


Christy said...

these are great pictures--i love them! she really does LOVE that water!