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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Zoe & the Sprinkler

Zoe & water have a love-hate relationship. She *LOVES* the pool, but really doesn't care to get wet. She goes out of her way to avoid wet grass, rain and sprinklers. Usually if I have the sprinkler on in the back yard, she won't even go outside!
But a few weeks ago (you can tell by her hair patch still missing), we had Ruby and were working in the garden. She couldn't stand for Ruby to be around us without her, so she came out to play while we were watering the garden.
Then she discovered the could eat the water coming out of the sprinkler.
Silly, silly, silly dog!
Ever week I continue to be amused by something new she does.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Pretty pretty princess and the pink office are on their last days.


April Ziegler said...

Ha! She's funny. That was brave of her... Chloe stays far away from anything involving water. She's a diva dog...

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Tucker doesn't like to get wet either! He won't walk on wet grass, and back in New York, on rainy days, he would go from door to door in our house (we had a lot of doors) looking out each one as if he thought "maybe it's not raining outside THIS door ... okay, maybe THIS door ..."

Rocket's Mom said...

What is it with Vizsla's and rain!!!! Rocket doesn't like wet grass or wet pavement either. He was home for 6 hours Friday by himself so I know he had to pee when I got home. Opened the back door and he saw it was pouring rain outside .... he took a whizz right on the back porch. I had to drag him off the porch over to the shade of a pine tree to get him to do his 'other business' while holding an umbrella over both of us! I'm glad no one had a camera!