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Monday, November 9, 2009

Married for 1,001 Days

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Since my last update in June in 2008, when were were at the half-way point, we've made some great progress on our 101 Things in 1,001 Days of our marriage. We didn't get them all done, but certainly had a ton of fun trying new things on our 101 List & learning during the first 1,001 days of our marriage.

6- Go to a NY Yankees Game (June 2007)
7- The biggie this year as our trip to Brazil & Argentina for our anniversary (February 2008)
9- Attend 2 Plays: Phantom of the Opera & Mauritius
10- We started our garden! (April 2008) & will did it again this year
11- Music library is really coming together on my iMac with iTunes & our new living room stereo system (Dec 2008)
12- Decorate H's office (all of 2008)
14- H to start a 401(K)
16- Start a journal ( blogging )
18- Build a substantial savings

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20- Subscribe to a magazine (Newsweek)
21- Visit the dentist
22- Install a Sprinkler System (Jan 2009)
22- Install a sprinkler system (Jan 2009)
23- Join the University of Houston Alumni (January 2009)
26- Clean the carpet
30- Plant some flowerbeds (definitely this spring)
31- Fondue with friends (done twice)
34- Read a fiction novel (You can see that I've done that several times over)
40- Take a photography class (June 2007)

Cozumel-1000263 by you.

44- SCUBA certification (completed July 2008)
46- We went to the New Orleans Jazz Fest (April 2008)
47- Run everyday for a month (did this, but might do it again)
50- Write and publish a technical paper (presented it in Detroit)
51- Get Professional Engineering License (studied & I passed!)
52- Finish home entertainment system (January 2009)
54- Go to a small town fair & rodeo
57- Subscribe to a travel magazine (we loved Budget Travel)
60-Bake a Cheesecake (1st attempt in November 2008, will try again!)
62- Visit Alabama (Trip for Thanksgiving 2007)
65- Go to an art exhibit (saw Da Vinci) & went to the Art Festival several times
67- Girls weekend (Labor Day 2008 in Colorado with Stephanie & Wine Weekend in 2009)

F-036064 by you.
69 -Austin City Limits Festival (Oct 2009)
72- New grill for the house
75- Organize garage (officially done January 2009)
76- See Dave Matthews Band in Concert (and did this again!)
68- Redecorate our bedroom
71- Give blood
72- Pay off debt
76- Cut Christmas Tree (completed in 2008)

BG-7553 by you.

81- Fly a Kite (Feb 2008)
83- Go to a Houston Dynamo Game (July 2008)
84- Rent 10 classic movies
87- Go on a picnic (several times)
88- Couples Massage was awesome (October 2008)
89- Watch a Parade (Houston Rodeo Parade Nov 2008)
94- Try new ethnic restaurants (Mediterranean, Vietnamese & Spanish)
97- Ice Skating (did this with his cousins, but might go again)
100- Visit the Messina Hof Winery (Harvest & Stomp in July 2008)


41- Cook 1 new meal a week (I've done a few & plan on doing a few more)
48- Visit grandparents every week (I've been better, but not great about this)
90- Review monthly budget (we're been pretty good about this)

101- Go to the driving range together (we've been a few times)


13- Hot Air Ballon Ride- it's booked for our trip to New Zealand
27- Go
fishing with my dad (Hopefullly this Spring)

45- Camp at 3 New Parks (our 3rd will be this weekend)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Headed out to South Dakota today for work.

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