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Monday, November 30, 2009

Exploring Bastrop State Park

Our friend was up bright and early Saturday morning to try his hand at fishing.

We decided to take Mia for a little walk around the park to check out the other campsites and the cabins at the park.

Loved the beautiful forests & streams around the park.

There is a newer looking amphitheater here- maybe they show movies in the summer?

There was a small road race & a few dozen runners out on these lovely winding, hilly roads.

Then we hopped in our car & took the scenic 10 mile drive on a park road to Bastrop State Park. It seems much larger- with some bigger group camping areas, full cabins and a golf course.

They guys went canoeing- neither one of them had every gone before! It was quite humorous to say the least.

There was a Weim out there who was a retrieving fool. Mia went out once, but got quite a nasty snarl when she got near him.

She decided to fetch her own stick!

Late that afternoon, the guys tried their hand at fishing again.

The area had some beautiful fall colors & we had such perfect camping weather all weekend.

We even had some luck fishing!

Mia just wanted to play in the mud.

As evening approached, all these birds gathered in this tree to roost for the evening.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset before we headed back to camp to make dinner & roast marshmallows over the fire.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Mia graduated with flying colors from Basic Obedience class tonight.

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