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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mormon Temple

We were lucky enough to have a friendly client driving us all around Utah, thus the reason I was able to get so many photos (even if they were from the car). He was Mormon and I learned a great deal about his faith & about the history of Utah. We had a few extra minutes before our flight, so we decided to swing by the Temple for a quick look around. I loved this very cool waterfall.

It's part of a larger building that hosts special meetings and gatherings.

I'd visited the ground before with my Lutheran church growing up on one of our summer trips- probably when we went to Idaho. I remember seeing the outside of the Tabernacle.

We got to peek in on this trip & the organ was gorgeous.

I loved the vivid reds and brilliant blue sky contrasted against the beautiful and stark white temple.

Great architecture. The were very open and inviting to the public- promoting lots of tours in various languages around the grounds, but obviously not inside the actual temple.

These trees didn't even look real to me- they were simply stunning.

Some fabulous afternoon sun warmed up the building with a nice glow.

I can't even imagine how they built this 100+ years ago- hauling all these massive blocks by cart and stacking it so perfectly.

There was a wedding going on & we stopped to check out the beautiful bride.

A smaller church sits nearby & I learned that most Mormons attend a small, local church (no mega-churches for them) & even in a very small town, there may be several Mormon churches. & congregations.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Thanksgiving week is here- another year of celebrating at our house!

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

We go by a Mormon temple on the I-5 going into San Diego, but it's not as big as that one!