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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I-15 North Out of Vegas

I've been to Nevada before, but never really got to explore much. All the national parks in the area on my list of things I'd love to see, so I was very excited about this driving trip from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City via the backgrounds and cutting through the corner of Arizona.

Disclaimer- all photos were taken out of the front seat of the car while doing 70+ mph. They aren't great, but I really enjoyed the ride and the scenery was amazing.

A place of such contrasts- green, red, brown and blue.

I'm fascinated with the relative total flatness and then a giant rock jutting up.

What happened here? Maybe a fire of some sort or some type of bug infestation to kill all those trees.

Rock slides!

Maybe I should have been a geologist. That was the 1 science class that my husband took in college & he hated it.

We were so stinkin' close to the National Parks. I think this might be Zion peeking out from behind this mountain.

Why is the mountain all about the same terrain and texture, but then suddenly there is a big cliff on the side of it?

I really, really should have planned my trip better and flown in early to explore.

I think if I lived near here, I'd be a hiking & biking hippie every weekend.

And we soon started seeing snow in the peaks. There was a big snow storm earlier in October, but it was gorgeous and perfectly warm where we were.

Jagged rocks in front and a tranquil looking mountain with a gentle slope in back.

Lots and lots of truckers.....looks like we're going into the mountains!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Somebody is 5 months old- I can't believe how time is flying. I need to get some new pictures. Mia is getting big!

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