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Monday, November 2, 2009

Seth's Visit

H's roommate from his year of law school in Miami came to town to visit us last weekend. He lives in Virginia now & we had a great time hanging out with him and his girlfriend.

We did a little tour around downtown, including a stop at Minute Maid Park.

We had them eat some yummy BBQ at Hickory Hollow & delicious Mexican food at El Tiempo on Washington Avenue.

Seth is a big fantasy football guy, so of course we went to the football game on Sunday.

Monday was actually Seth's 30th birthday and they had lunch at the Aquarium downtown.

We all went out to dinner at Americas and dined liked kings! Their food is simply amazing there....

We had a wonderful visit with them and it's our first time having "real" house guests. We either need a much bigger house or a much smaller house ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Mia starts her 2nd round of obedience classes tonight.

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