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Friday, November 21, 2008

Desperate Housewife

So after planning to spend my Saturday exploring San Francisco, I suddenly found myself sitting at home with nothing to do. I was able to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend as a desperate housewife with time to kill! First, I watch a few movies, including Sex and the City. I was a HUGE fan when it was on HBO, but I was hesitant to see the movie. I was afraid I'd be disappointed or would want more. I really enjoyed the movie and missed watching the show every week. It was the perfect girlie movie for a lonely Saturday morning.

Next, I ran errands, which included dropping of the dry-cleaning and taking Zoe to the park & giving her a bath. I also decided to do a little shopping :) We have had our old bedspread for almost 2 years now, and Zoe tends to be a bit rough on it when she's excited that H is home, so we needed a new one.

So I bought a lovely new bedspread and a few other things we needed around the house. It's a bit darker blue than our old one, but I like the color and the texture. I also got started on my Christmas shopping- let's just say I'm excited that H will be getting a mini-indoor herb garden :)

I also discovered that we suddenly have jalapenos! H walked in the back door & proudly showed me our surprise harvest! I can't believe things are still growing in the garden.

The tomatoes are still growing, and there are quite a few now, but I'm not sure they will ever turn red.

I also watched a movie called Manufactured Landscapes. It's a very interesting documentary about how manufacturing and progress, particularly in China and Asia, are forever changing the landscapes.

It looked at it both from the physical Earth standpoint and how it's changing the lives of workers too. It's actually based on a photography exhibit that tries to grasp the GINORMOUS scale of some of these manufacturing plants.

I also thought it would be the perfect weekend to knock one more thing off my 101 List- make a cheesecake! Given my very limited cooking & baking skills, I wanted to keep it simple for my first attempt. I bought a pre-made Oreo crust, and followed this very simple recipe. It was YUMMY! Next time I will attempt to make my own crust & use a real cheesecake pan. And of course, I made my soup Sunday night. All in all, not San Francisco, but not a bad weekend either!
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm off to do a mock trial today.

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