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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Houston Rodeo Parade

Before the start of the official Houston Rodeo Parade, there is the 10K and family fun run. It was a cold & windy morning, but lots of people braved the weather to get a little exercise.

We'd been wanting to get to a parade, because it was on our 101 List & we're running out of time. The rodeo parade seemed like a fun once since it would involved lots of animals and wagons instead of just floats. The parade started off in usual style with the color guard marching proudly.

And the first group in the parade was the super-duper awesome University of Texas-Austin Showband of the Southwest. I sat next to them for an entire season when I had student tickets to the football games & love watching bands march.

Then come more flags, being escorted in the more traditional Texas way- on horse!

Next, of course, was all the most important people who organize and run the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo every year. They are the most popular people in town for about 2 weeks as everybody wants tickets.

One of the first floats was "Howdy" the official mascot of the Rodeo. Notice that even the letter H is wearing a huge belt buckle? ;)

Some of the other HLSR big-wigs rode on this float. You know you are in Texas when people are hanging off of oil derricks with "black gold" shooting out of the top.

There were many local politicians and elected officials, but it was neat to see our Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is rumored to be running for governor very soon.

The whole idea and background of the rodeo is all about kids and education- both raising money for scholarships and enlightening the public about farm things. There were many floats with kids of all ages having a blast.

H was very happy to see the Marching Cougar Band from the University of Houston.

They had lots of spirit and were dancing down the streets as they played & were waving their school sign.

A totally cheesy float dedicated the scholarships and education funding that the rodeo provides.

There were quite a few area high school marching bands also in the parade. I liked this one that had their ROTC group marching with them.

It's not a Texas parade unless you've got a giant inflatable cow.

A great deal of the parade consists of trail riders. This is a very neat, unique thing we do before the rodeo. Numerous trail ride groups start out waaay outside the city up to 2 weeks before the Rodeo & slowly ride their way into town from all parts of Texas. They camp out at night, sing, dance, eat, party and drink. They ride during the day & they all join up at Memorial Park before the parade.

Many of the big local businesses have floats. Who the heck volunteered to ride in the parade in a grocery cart though?

Some of the most important people in the parade- the street sweepers came through to clean up the horse mess.

There were tons of these old-fashioned firetrucks. They are also part of the grand entrance each night of the rodeo.

I have no idea why the Ronald McDonald shoe was there, but I bet you don't often see him wearing a cowboy hat!

The stagecoaches were also part of the parade.

Last, but not really because we didn't stay until the last, is another local business. It's great to see the diversity of both African-Americans and Latinos participating in the Rodeo.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going to run the Disney Princess Half-marathon this morning.

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