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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Haley's Recital

Last weekend, Haley had her dance recital at the Hobby Center. You never really realize how much light your camera needs (wants) until you go to a really dark place and try to shot some action shots.

She was in 4 routines- tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop (modern). I sat through about 21 acts in the first half, and she danced all of hers in the second half. We were sitting waaaay back, but I snuck up into an empty seat to try to get some better pics of her.

I took TONS of photos, and even got a few good ones. This was her tap routine. She's been dancing for at least 9 years, and really enjoys it.

I made the total rookie mistake of running out of memory! I'd filled up my cards with crazy brides that morning, and forgot to check that I might fire several hundred photos during her dance routines.

This was her last dance, and I liked it the best. Pretty flow-y dress that was night and bright for my camera. :)

I learned a lot photographing this event, and I'm sure I'll be back at it again next year.

Instant flashback to November of 1999. I must have been home for Thanksgiving and went to pick Haley up at her dance studio. She would have been a little over 4 here.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Yea for July! Fun stuff coming this month- painting my office, weekend in Austin, Dynamo soccer game, Harvest Festival at the winery and much more!


Rhonda said...

She's too cute!

Makes me miss Ashley not dancing anymore : (

Christy said...

Your sis is adorable!

SBL said...

She looks very beautiful!!