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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hunter's Spring Baseball

I've been a bad sister this year, and I haven't made it to many of Hunter's baseball games. He started the Spring season when I was bogged down with studying and putting the finishing touches on my presentation in Detroit. They are undefeated this season & I made it out to the first game of their play-off's last Friday night when H was out of town.
It was all great and dandy till the sun set, and then I couldn't crank my ISO up high enough or keep the shutter speed up enough to get many action shots.
If I remember correctly, Hunter got on base every time he went to bat.
He's one of the fastest runners on his team.
Safely to first, where Dad is the coach.

Once he gets on base, it's pretty easy for him to steal 2nd & 3rd because he's so quick & it's hard for the other team to get him.

They did try to pick him off though!

There he goes- stealing 2nd!

And quickly he arrives at 3rd base.

And his first score of the evening. I think he scored a few other times.

Yea for my good action photo!

Ok- this was really bad. One of the players (accidentally) charged the catcher in his excitement to get to home plate. It's VERY against the rules and normally you get ejected from the game. Since we didn't have an extra players though, the ump decided that he couldn't play 1 inning. So we were down a player in the outfield & he was automatically out when it was his turn to bat.

So we get to the next inning, and I snag a cute picture of Hunter while the teams are sorting out the batting order and number of outs. Of course Hunter gets on base....

And he's quickly sliding back into home plate again. Now, the next batter up was the batter before the "automatic out" & we already had 2 outs. So no matter what, this guy got to bat & they just told him to keep going no matter what because it didn't really matter if he got out.

Thanks to a great hit and several throwing errors on the part of the other team, he was able to round all the bases for an in-the park home run. The crowd went wild & you can see how excited this kid was to score. The team went on to win, and they also won their next play off game on Tuesday night. The last game is tonight, so good luck Hunter!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We made it through the night with 2 dogs!

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Rocket said...

What fun pics!